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We have been in business in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1978. We grow all of our flower and plant material at our studio gardens. We use over fifty varieties of native and garden flowers,  grasses and herbs. After blooming, the flowers are pressed and dried, hand air brushed, and hand designed to create original earrings, pins, bookmarks, barrettes, night lights, and designs in glass. Every piece is an original, there are no reproductions.


The earrings, pins, barrettes, bookmarks, and night lights are made by using the prepared flower materials, hand designing them, melting Mylar sheeting over the designs and hand cutting them out. In addition, the pins, earrings and barrettes have hand applied gold leaf on the perimeter of each piece.


The miniature glass necklaces are made by hand designing prepared plant material between two pieces of glass, Each arrangement is framed using the Tiffany technique, (lead and tin hand soldered over copper). Thus, the necklaces are miniature art glass windows with flowers. All of our products are guaranteed for your satisfaction.


 We have visual copyrights on all of our unique items.

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